Bart Ransomware Decryption Tool Released by Bitdefender

Bitdefender, a leading antivirus solution provider, has just released a bart ransomware decryption tool. Earlier, they acquired necessary decryption keys from Romanian police to create an bart decryptor tool for all the version. The Romanian police acquired those keys during their investigation and they are handed over to Bitdefender so they can help everyone affected with the bart ransomware. The sigh of relief for affected users come this early morning when the antivirus giant released a free decryption tool in the wild.

bart decryption tool

As a consequences, all the users affected with any version of bart ransomware can decrypt their files without any hassle. Bart was using AES encryption which is different from many of RSA encryption system. It doesn’t need active internet connection to send key to the server. It can encrypt the files without internet connection. It was first appeared back in June 2016. It is believed to be same as locky and Locky creators are suspected of spreading this ransomware as well.

Bart was notorious and was archiving all the files in zip format applying AES encryption. The files are locked with, .bart and .perl extensions. It was targeting business and was quite famous back in 2016 along with its counterpart Locky. In 2017, Cerber has replaced them and security researchers are yet to provide any solution for this ransomware. In case, if you are keen, you can go through all the ransomware decryptor tools covered by us. Bart ransomware decryption tool is available for download. You can easily decrypt all the files encrypted by bart ransomware (all versions) using the tool

Download Bart Decryption Tool

Bart decryption tool is available for free from the Bitdefender website. Make sure you have backup of all your files. The bart ransomware decryption process can take some time. Hence, it is recommended that you keep patience. It is also advised that you do not interfere the process in between. Proceed with bart decryption tool download from the below link

Download Bart Decryptor

Bart deletes system restore points making it impossible to easily restore the system. The only option is left is to use decryption key. Bitdefender has integrate the decryption key in form of tool. The same is available on their website as well as no more ransomware website as well. It will be added our decryptor tools section as well.

Our request is to never pay ransom to these cyber criminals. It encourages them to spread the ransomware. Funding them is a bad business decision. In case of any query, you can leave a comment below.

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